Advertising and marketing options are endless for any small business, but driving growth through paid activity quickly becomes expensive – particularly if you’re not seeing an immediate return. So, how can you form a deep connection with your customers without breaking the bank? Enter the podcast!


Here are three reasons why podcasts are a smart tool for small business growth:


1. You’re probably already ready to go


If your laptop has a decent microphone and recording system, you’ve got everything you need to get started. Podcasts are simple to create, cost next to nothing (unless you want to buy specialised equipment) and are easily accessible. There’s plenty of services available online for free to help you distribute your podcast and even turn your humble Skype or Zoom conversation into a slick podcast that’s ready for the world.


2. Your authenticity sets you apart from big businesses


The authenticity of small business owners podcasting something they’re passionate about is hard to beat. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with over-produced, highly strategic or tailored marketing communications, and that’s where small businesses have a distinctive advantage over bigger ones. Keep it down-to-earth, don’t edit out any production errors or stray sneezes and let your personality and passion shine through.


3. It will help you grow too


Ongoing podcasts naturally lend themselves to interviewing other people of interest, which is a great way to gain fresh perspective and grow your network. Interviews aside, by running a regular podcast your communication skills will soar. From confidence and conviction in presenting your ideas to thinking on the spot and improvising, these valuable skills will flow over into your everyday life as a business owner.


A podcast can demonstrate the genuine knowledge, commitment, and passion you have. Find out more in this article by Zapier



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