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    How to “niche down” while appealing to MORE people than before
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    How to position yourself in the marketplace and be able to charge more for your services
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    Financial inconsistency is a huge fear for many. Here’s the 4-rule system for completely eliminating the risk
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    Simple steps you can take so you can stop working with C & D grade clients
Madeleine Salariu


About the Author

The experience I’ve had with starting my own businesses, my artistic side, and the lessons I’ve learnt from my clients, led me to write a bestselling book, The Untold Secret To Mastering Fast Growth. It’s a guide to becoming financially independent, developing and making your business successful.

Whilst I love accounting, the two bigger loves in my life are my husband and son. I married my first love 21 years ago and he’s been by my side ever since, supporting me throughout my career. Although I’m kept busy with my work and family, I still manage to find time to pursue my artistic passions, such as writing and painting.

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"I very much enjoyed this book. It was a very easy read and provides the exact advice and framework we need to follow to grow and thrive in our business."

Shane Melaugh

“The book is wonderfully put together, each part seamlessly leading you to the next step through the entire cycle"

Samantha Allen

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