The employee contract and handbook are some of the most important documents. It offers employees with policies and information related to their employment. Technically, it highlights the nature of operations of your business and staff expectations.

Generally, the policies usually involve disciplinary actions, email usage, attendance management, flexible working hours, and use of the internet. The continuous implementation of these policies allows businesses to thwart doubts in the minds of the employees and set higher working standards.

What Can You Add in an Employee Contract?

Well, the employment contract includes employees’ duties, rights, and responsibilities. Employers, however, will have to initiate policies as per compliance with Acas Code standards. Remember, your employees have statutory reserved rights to pay and as well as holiday leave.

The underlying purpose of the contract constitutes the legal status of the document. Besides, it is far more convenient for employees to check all the details in one listed document. Employers, on the other hand, can include a second list that focuses on confidential matters and required discretion.

How to Draft Perfect Employee Contracts

Employers need to be aware of the logical structure and legal nature of the employment contract. The material should be direct without any derogative or vague statements. Primarily, well-organized employee contracts work in favor of companies and note the usefulness of employees.

Ideally, it should have a straightforward sentence structure and shorter sentences. To make readability better, do not make the mistake of adding confused words or jargon. In short, make it as simpler and precise as possible.

Staff Handbooks: What to Include

You can add various written agreements concerning your employees. The policies could include arbitration disputes, intellectual property rights, nondisclosure agreements, or non-solicitation agreements. Nevertheless, you should seek the professional expertise of an employment attorney to figure out which agreements and policies are suitable for your company.

Here is a list of agreements and policies you can include:

  • Anti-harassment
  • Anti-retaliation
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Standard Code of conduct
  • Common employment information

Security and Safety Measures

Other policies can consist of timekeeping, paydays, rest periods, or overtime eligibility. Similarly, employers can add benefits such as sick leaves, medical leaves, or paid vacation. If you, however, have more than 50 employees, you should add an FMLA policy.

In addition, make sure to highlight the procedure of filing a complaint and the grounds for raise or promotion. Additionally, you can include additional disclaimers about the guarantee of the employee contract. And most importantly, do not forget to write down that all the policies are subject to change in the employee handbook.


Here is the thing; employers in the UK do not have to create a standard employee handbook. However, you should have specific procedures and policies in writing. Once the initial draft of the policies is complete, show it to an employment lawyer to make sure it is legally binding.

Also, get the best copy editor to draft the employee contracts and staff handbooks to avoid common typos. Whether you intend to offer an employee handbook for the first time or update its policies, announce policies that will grow your business and form trust with employees in the foreseeable future.

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