How To Build A Fast-Growing Business Machine (And Scale By £200K+)

If your biggest revenue source was 100% gone…

Would you be able to scale by £200K in revenue in just 12 months?

That is what happened to Ioana Barsan after she joined SMART Accounting.

Here’s how it happened…

Before SMART Accounting:

  • Annual Revenue: £100K
  • "My business is so dependent on me."
  • “I feel like I’m pulled in every direction.”

12 Months With SMART Accounting:

  • Annual Revenue: £300K
  • "We are now growing fast with less reliance on me".
  • Saving on Tax

 A Word From Ioana On The Smart Accounting Services

Ioana Barsan CEO BCI & C Limited - Distributor of Koroleva Caviar

Every time I contact Madeleine, she replies quickly and is always at the end of the phone whenever I have a question. She takes the time to go through the procedures with me and I always feel well informed. From the very first meeting, she understood the importance of building a relationship and advising on things no one had ever told us before.

Next stop: £1 Million in revenue!

12 Months Pre - SMART


First 12 Months with SMART


Ioana's Top 4 Tips for 6-Figure Entrepreneurs

Believe & Achieve

"My first tip would be to dream it, believe it and achieve it!"

In our 4S B.O.O.M. Method, no matter if you’re at £300k in revenue or £3 Million, we always start with one thing: an elite foundation. Part of that foundation is the proper Mindset of an elite CEO.

Build A Systemized Machine

"A good system shortens the road to the profit."

Systems are the solution. They are your secret weapon as CEO… IF you implement them correctly. We develop an understanding of your business processes, needs, and goals to provide you with a robust automation solution.

Build Your Dream Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person."

Teamwork helps solve problems. Once you have a simple plan, you have to keep reminding your team of the priorities, even if it can feel repetitive. We will help you to identify what roles you need to fill. Once the team is in place, we help you to build a sense of comradery by communicating effectively and engaging in team-building exercises.

Learn Your Numbers In & Out

"Know your numbers' is fundamental for your business."

Based on our analysis, we develop a robust business plan and link it to your accounts and finances to help you in making informed decisions.