What Really Affects Your Property Taxes

The first thing that affects your property taxes is the spending habits of your school district, other taxing districts, county and city. If the school district has big plans for renovations, new computers, raises in salary or anything else pertaining to the school district, you may see an increase in property taxes to support their spending. Keep in mind that there is a point when the state draws a line on how much can be charged to your property taxes. Many school districts have to find other means to accomplish everything on their agenda because they are only allowed so much money from taxes.

The next thing that affects your property taxes is the assessed value of your property. Many states call this the market value of your property. Although fair market value and the assessed value of your property are different, this does affect your property tax. If your property is compared to other properties of the same structure in your area that have sold or been built, you may see an increase in you assessed value of the property, which when used for calculations will raise your property tax. This makes some property owners outraged because they know they could never sell the property for that amount of money.

Another thing that affects your property taxes is the changes to tax laws, state aid formulas and classification rates by the legislation. This has a big impact on your property taxes after an assessment of your property has been concluded. You may see a huge jump in property taxes when the legislative committee approves a tax hike. There is no way around this for property owners, unless you challenge the assessed value of your property through an appeals process. However, the classification rates and tax laws cannot be affected in a property tax appeal.

If your county has any type of referendum to vote on that can raise taxes and it is voted for, this is also going to affect your taxes. It could raise your tax liability a small amount depending on what it is for and what amount is needed. This is the main reason that most referendums that come up for vote by the voters is voted out. Property owners do not want to pay more than what they are already paying in property taxes.

Again, depending on the state you live in or even the county, you might see an addition to you property tax bill for any road or sewer work done in the prior year in front of your property. This amount is usually split between all the property owners in the area where the work is done. This does happen quite often, which is one reason many potential buyers look for properties on newer streets that have had necessary work already done. These are all things that affect your property tax bill. For the most part, you have no way to avoid the increase in tax or paying the tax. You can use an appeal process depending on which part of your tax bill you are questioning.



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