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Want to work from home but not sure what you can do?

Do you want to earn a degree that could lead to a successful job working from home?

Do you know what kinds of jobs are best for telecommuting?

There are many opportunities to earn a great income with a job that can be done from a home office.

Workers are attracted to home based jobs these days, since the concept has becomes more economically and socially acceptable. The technology necessary to set up a home office is commonly available and fairly inexpensive. Workers today want to spend more time with their families and are seeking flexible schedules to care for children, and perhaps aging parents.

Thanks to technological developments, especially the Internet, home-based workers have greatly increased their capabilities. If you have thought about earning your degree in a field that can translate in to a home based position, check out the following jobs that can be easily done from home:

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcription is highly specialized field and requires certain skills and training. Medical transcription a process where a person accurately and promptly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others. The dictation will include medical history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, evaluations, lab reports, etc. Transcriptionists receive dictation by tape, digital system or voice files, and then use earphones and a foot pedal for start-stop control along with a word processing program. There are several word-processing systems that are used. This job requires exceptional listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Many medical transcriptionists work from home-based offices as employees or subcontractors for hospitals and transcription services, or are self-employed as independent contractors.

Transcriptionists need to complete postsecondary training through vocational schools, community colleges, and distance-learning programs. It is highly recommended for medical transcriptionists to complete a 1-year certificate program or 2-year associate degree that encompasses work in anatomy, medical terminology, legality in healthcare documentation, and grammar and punctuation in English.

*Medical Transcription is one of the leading home-based professions in the United States.

Graphic designer

The Internet has opened a whole new world up to graphic design professionals . Graphic designers and illustrators often work in the industry of web design and development, and can reach the world via the Internet. These jobs can be done from virtually anywhere on the planet. All you need is an Internet connection to run a successful and lucrative design business

Graphic designers create visual solutions to communicate. They use a variety of print, electronic and film media to effectively get their message across to others. Graphic designers use computer software to develop the overall layout and production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports and other publications. Overall, these professionals come up with strategies for layouts and artistic concepts, and they must be able to create visual images that engage, attract and sell their clients products.

Roughly 70% of graphic designers do go to college and typically major in art, or art history, or product design. Associate degrees and certificates in graphic design also are available from professional schools. These programs generally concentrate on the technical parts of graphic design.

*Solo designers, who freelance report median earnings of $60,000.


Small businesses are finding it increasingly more economical to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs to contractors. These contractors often work from home offices. With a few basics such as a fax machine, copier and computer with the proper software, you can be on your way to a lucrative career as a home based accountant.

As an accountant, you work with businesses and individuals to provide tax planning and preparation of tax forms, monthly financial reports, audits, billing and payroll services. Accountants sometimes offer broader services that include budget analysis, financial and investment planning, and info rmation technology consulting. As an accountant, y ou should be very comfortable working with numbers, and be detail-oriented – and most of all, organized.

Accountants are required to hold a bachelors degree in accounting or a related field. Additional professional recognition can be obtained through certifications or licensure, a master’s degree or proficiency in accounting software. These supplementary credentials can give you an advantage when you are marketing your home-based accounting business.

*Bookkeepers earn anywhere from $22,500 to $52,500 per year

Other popular work from home careers include, but are not limited to:

Real estate agent

Although these positions are telecommute-friendly, real estate brokers and sales agents often work evenings and weekends and usually are on call to suit the needs of clients.

*The median annual income of a real estate agent is $58,720


Employment, recruitment and placement specialists recruit and evaluate applicants and attempt to match them with client firms. Drawing the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is important for the success of this career.

*Recruiters made on average $80,958 annually

Computer programmer

With advanced technology so readily available, telecommuting is becoming common for a wide range of computer professionals, including computer programmers. With the expansion of computer networks, programmers can be utilized to make corrections or fix problems remotely by using modems, e-mail and the Internet to connect to a customer’s computer.

*Median annual earnings of computer programmers $62,890

Financial advisor

Personal financial advisors for the most part evaluate the financial needs of individuals, providing them a wide range of options. Personal financial advisors, also called financial planners or financial consultants, use their knowledge of investments, tax laws and insurance to recommend financial options to individuals.

*Median annual earnings of personal financial advisors $62,700

Public relations specialist

Public relations specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer and governmental relations political campaigns interest-group representation conflict mediation or employee and investor relations. These professionals prepare press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material.

*Average annual earnings for public relations specialists $43,830


Most jobs in this category require a college degree in communications, journalism or English, although a degree in a technical subject may be useful for technical-writing positions. Most writers and editors need to have a basic familiarity with technology, regularly using personal computers, desktop or electronic publishing systems, scanners and other electronic communications equipment.

* Median annual earnings for salaried writers and authors $44,350


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